Using SingleForm for unique resources

Sometimes you will need to configure a "unique" resource that does not fit into a List / Form schema, like for instance an account, or a configuration item. SingleForms are the natural companions for SingleShows, documented here.


php artisan sharp:make:single-form <class_name> [--model=<model_name>]

Write the class

Instead of extending SharpForm, our SingleForm implementation should extend Code16\Sharp\Form\SharpSingleForm. We still have to implement buildFormFields() and buildFormLayout() to declare the fields presenting the instance, but other methods are a bit different. First, find() and update() don't need any $instanceId parameter:

  • findSingle(): array
  • updateSingle(array $data)

And then, since SingleForms will not accept store and delete actions, related methods are unavailable.

Full example

Let's write a SingleForm for the current User, where he can update its name and email (using WithSharpFormEloquentUpdater here as this example uses Eloquent):

class AccountSharpForm extends SharpSingleForm
    use WithSharpFormEloquentUpdater;

    function buildFormFields()
                    ->setLabel("Email address")

    function buildFormLayout()
        $this->addColumn(6, function($column) {
            return $column

    protected function findSingle()
        return $this->transform(

    protected function updateSingle(array $data)

How to declare it?

Like said before, SingleForms will only work in pair with a SingleShow; please refer to this documentation to find out how to declare a single show and form in the sharp config file.

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