Graph widget

This widget intends to display a graph visualization of any data.


There are three graph types, and they mostly share the same API. To choose one or the other, use its dedicated class:

Line graph


Bar graph


Pie graph


Attributes (setters)

setRatio(string $ratio)

This attribute is used to define the graph ratio, which will be consistent in responsive mode. The expected format is width:height, so for instance 16:9 (the default) or 4:3.

setHeight(int $height)

Used to set an arbitrary height, in px; if set the ratio is ignored.

setShowLegend(bool $showLegend = true)

Display or not the graph legend. Default is true.

setMinimal(bool $minimal = true)

If true, legend and axis are hidden. Default is false.

setDisplayHorizontalAxisAsTimeline(bool $displayAsTimeline = true)

(Line and Bar) If true, and if X axis values are valid dates, the graph will create a timeline repartition of dates, creating visual gaps between dates. Default is false.

setCurvedLines(bool $curvedLines = true)

(Line only) Display lines with curved angles. Default is true.

setHorizontal(bool $horizontal = true)

(Bar only) Display horizontal bars instead of vertical ones. Default is false.

Data valuation

Valuation is handled by a dedicated method: $this->addGraphDataSet(string $graphWidgetKey, SharpGraphWidgetDataSet $dataSet), in the Dashboard class:


We use an instance of Code16\Sharp\Dashboard\Widgets\SharpGraphWidgetDataSet to handle graph data. This object is built with a $values array which must contain numeric values, keyed by a label. Example:

  "Pizza" => 4,
  "Hamburgers" => 12 

SharpGraphWidgetDataSet defines two useful setters:

  • setLabel(string $label) to set the legend label
  • setColor(string $color) where $color can be an HTML constant or an hexadecimal value, to set the data color.

You can chain calls to addGraphDataSet() to add multiple data sets, with different colors and labels.

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