Class: Code16\Sharp\Form\Fields\SharpFormTagsField


setCreatable(bool $creatable = true)

If true, the user can create a new value from the form. Default: false.

setCreateText(string $createText)

The text displayed to the user when creating a new value. Default: "Create"

setCreateAttribute(string $attribute)

The name of the attribute which should be used for the creation.

setCreateAdditionalAttributes(array $attributes)

Optional additional attributes to be set at creation. Example: with ->setCreateAdditionalAttributes(["group"=>"public"]), the group attribute of a created tag would be set to "public". Default: []

setIdAttribute(string $idAttribute)

Set the id name attribute of tags. Default: "id"


Display as a classic dropdown.

setMaxTagsCount(int $maxTagCount)

Set a maximum tags selection. Default: unlimited.


Unset a maximum tags selection.

setInline(bool $inline = true)

Display an inline checklist (if multiple + display=list).


  • toFront: expects an array of id values OR an array of models.

  • fromFront: returns an array of arrays with the "id" key, and the "createAttribute" key in creation case:

    ["id" => 1],
    ["id" => null, "name" => "Bob Marley]

In this example, the user selected one tag and created another one with the "Bob Marley" text.

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