Class: Code16\Sharp\Form\Fields\SharpFormHtmlField

This field is read-only, and is meant to display some dynamic information in the form.


setInlineTemplate(string $template)

Write the template as a string, using placeholders for data like this: {{var}} where "var" is some key to data sent to the front


        "<h1>{{count}}</h1> spaceships in activity"

Like other fields, this example would mean that your transformed data has an object named panel containing a count attribute. Here more than elsewhere you may need to use a custom transformer, like this is this piece of code:

function find($id): array
        return $this
            ->setCustomTransformer("panel", function($spaceship) {
                return [
                    "count" => $spaceship->activities->count()

setTemplatePath(string $templatePath)

Use this if you need more control: give the path of a full template, in its own file.

The template will be interpreted by Vue.jsopen in new window, meaning you can add data placeholders, DOM structure but also directives, and anything that Vue will parse. For instance:

<div v-if="show">result is {{value}}</div>
<div v-else>result is unknown</div>


  • toFront: sent as provided.
  • fromFront: returns null (read-only).
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